Lost and Found

I was lucky enough to spend the latest weekend at Cervantes, a small fishing community about two hours North of Perth.  Cervantes isn’t as well known as Lancelin or Margaret River, but has a charm all of its own.  The biggest reason visitors head there is to see the Pinnacles, a petrified forest at the nearby Nambung National Park.  Anyone familiar with Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian, and his tour of Australia will no doubt be familiar with these standing stones and his naked dance around them.


I went to the Pinnacles for a slightly different reason, although I did pitch the idea of the dance I was knocked back by my better half.  The West Australian Opera performed in the desert, which was an amazing experience.  The venue was suitably spooky. Continue reading “Lost and Found”

Truck Prep – Part One

I’ve just gotten my truck back from my mates at TJM Perth. They’ve had it for a couple of days to get some much needed clearance and protection added, and I had them mount my roof racks in the gutters rather than using the under door clips.

The bullbar is front end protection and before I leave to head up North this was my must have modification.  The protection it offers is paramount against kangaroos and cows, especially if travelling at night. Continue reading “Truck Prep – Part One”


Over the Easter weekend I had a couple of phone calls from a mate who was camping at Ningaloo, around 1200km away from Perth.  As I was in another room of the house I didn’t get the calls until later in the day.  The first call went along the lines of “I may need a favour”, the second was “I absolutely need a favour”.  Turns out my friends ute had a damaged gearbox and he couldn’t drive it any further.

As the phone calls came in on Good Friday this made the whole rescue a little bit harder, as obtaining a flatbed car trailer became a mission of its own.  To keep family in the picture social media was bombarded with the tag #RescueRanger.  Continue reading “#RescueRanger”

IT Musings

After a bit of prodding from some friends and colleagues I’ve decided to add some posts around my day job as a Systems Engineer at Veeam.  Any and all posts on the site will be my opinion, and in no way reflect the opinions of my employer.  That being said some will be about Veeam and hopefully some of them make sense and are useful for others.