New coffee machine

My coffee machine gave up this week. I had a look at fixing it but the machine is not end user repairable. This has been a trusted friend over the last few years and has seen heavy use since the arrival of Snuffleufugus. After close to three years of intensive use and producing on average 5 coffees a day I’m ok with this but it poses a dilemma of what to do about replacing it.

The options included getting a competitive pod machine, a real espresso maker, a stovetop espresso jug, and a replacement. I had a look at getting a real espresso machine but decided it would be easier to do a straight replacement of the Nespresso machine. Cue a trip to my local JB hi-fi.

Here in Australia it is currently coming up to end of financial year so almost every store is running a sale and JB is no different. In fact I managed to save $100 on exactly the same machine bought from JB in comparison to direct from Nespresso. I found the same machine as I had previously and asked how much I could get it for as it is the previous model and no longer made, but it was $6 more than the new machine and the sales team weren’t interested in doing a deal. So I decided on picking up the new version of my machine which is a little bit smaller and has a lower footprint and more chrome.

Hopefully I’ll get a few years use out of the machine.

Nespresso Citiz from Breville

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