How to add Infinidat Storage plugin to Veeam

Veeam Backup and Replication added the ability to utilise plug-ins from different Storage Array manufacturers in version 9.5 update 3. This should allow Storage partners to be added much faster than in previous versions through the use an API release to the Storage manufacturers.  The first cab off the ranks is Infinidat.

How then do you use one of the plug-ins?  Looking into the console there is no reference to it.  The secret is to check on your Available Product Downloads through the support portal available at

Here you will find the Product Downloads that you’re entitled to, and can download the plug-in directly.

Additional Storage Plug-ins

After the download is complete you can run the Application to start the install process.

Running the storage plug-in

At this point the installation failed for me because the console was running.  After closing the console I started the installation process again.  Once the Install began it is simply a matter of following the prompts, and then finally restarting the console and once you browse to the Storage Infrastructure you will see Infinidat as an option

Infinidat InstallShield
Storage Plug-in EULA
Beginning the Install
Storage Plug-in InstallShield complete
Infinidat Storage Plug-in Installed


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