Siem Reap, Cambodia

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a great training course that was being run in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The course was split across what was coming in the next couple of versions of Veeam software releases and Mastering Technical Sales with a guest presenter of John Care.  The what’s new sessions were Top Secret, however most of the content has been shared publicly although there a few more things to come.

We arrived a day early and had a bit of a look around Siem Reap and spent a bit of time at the main market where you could get a brand new Omega watch for $27, which I’m sure was real, and almost made it through the week! In the same market was the latest fashion, cooked insects, fresh fish, and amazing vegetables all within a few hundred metres.  Just outside the markets was the infamous Pub Street and some of the locals were great, with a few who were out to make a dollar off the tourists by scamming them.  Over lunch we were approached by a mother with a newborn asking for us to buy a tin of formula for her child.  After buying this we found out it was a known scam.  Talk about picking your targets out, three men all with kids travelling for work!

The really amazing part was getting to go to Angkor Wat and the absolutely amazing Ta Prohm, made famous by Tomb Raider.

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Adelaide Hills Weekend

I was lucky enough to be able to spend last weekend in the Adelaide Hills with my family and friends.  The Adelaide Hills are around 30 minutes drive from the CBD, and have wineries, breweries, and great spots for food.

As this was a family outing, and the first trip on a plane for Snuffleufugus, there was a bit of planning required.  This was mainly around how to make our lives, and those of other people on the plane a bit easier with a baby on board. Continue reading “Adelaide Hills Weekend”


I spent a week at the start of the year in Bangkok for Sales Kick Off.  Each year the company sends me to different parts of the world and Bangkok wasn’t somewhere I thought I’d end up getting to see.  Just getting to Bangkok was a mini adventure up to Singapore and across, once again the tyranny of distance was in effect.  Getting to see everyone from the company was great, and the updates on where the company is going was invaluable.  And I picked up a couple of awards.

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Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls is one of the iconic images of the Kimberley, and really inspired the entire trip.  The amazing pictures of the rest of the area and comments from people who had been firmed up the desire.  Official information can be found at

After a fuel stop at Drysdale River Station and a quick call home before no contact with the outside world for a few days it was onto an ungraded section of road for a few hours, before driving through lush rainforest into Mitchell Falls National Park and onto the campground.  The drive in was the worst so far, lots of wash outs, sun setting directly ahead blinding us on the drive in and hills that made seeing oncoming vehicles impossible.

As had become the norm we arrived just before sunset, set up the camp for a few days and kicked back with a couple of ice cold beverages, and started a fire and bbq. On the drive in we had stopped outside the National Park to get some firewood.

We woke early the next day and headed straight to the helicopter booking office to organise a one way trip from the top back to camp. At $150 each this took a bit of thought however I can say that it was honestly the best money spent on the trip. Flights organised we grabbed our day packs and started walking through the bush. Continue reading “Mitchell Falls”

Windjana to Bell, A Tale of Two Gorges

The plan for today was quite simple, spend some time at two gorges.  I spent the morning doing some mechanical checks on the truck, specifically looking at the suspension to see if any of the nuts had come loose on the gravel roads that we’ve silent a lot of time on recently.  As the suspension has been upgraded this was a basic check, with the left front shock needing a bit of tightening. I also managed to get some photographs of the Wedgetail eagles that make WA home, and are up here in huge numbers. I must admit I had thought these beasts were up there with Yowies and Dropbears as I’d never seen one until now.


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