New coffee machine

My coffee machine gave up this week. I had a look at fixing it but the machine is not end user repairable. This has been a trusted friend over the last few years and has seen heavy use since the arrival of Snuffleufugus. After close to three years of intensive use and producing on average 5 coffees a day I’m ok with this but it poses a dilemma of what to do about replacing it.

The options included getting a competitive pod machine, a real espresso maker, a stovetop espresso jug, and a replacement. I had a look at getting a real espresso machine but decided it would be easier to do a straight replacement of the Nespresso machine. Cue a trip to my local JB hi-fi.

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Cloud Connect, and Enterprise

Veeam has two versions of Cloud Connect, Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) and Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E). So what’s the difference?

Veeam Cloud Connect

VCC is aimed at SPs and VARs who want to create a single (or set of) serviced offering’s to many independent customers. The end users add the service provider supplied details to their console with the option of allowing remote management. The offering is consumed as a service, with costs set by the service provider for any resources and licenses that are required.

When you sign up with the Service Provider they will supply you three things. A location to connect to, a username, and a password. An example configuration can be found here.  The services on offer through the SP/VAR include a Backup Repository as a Service (RaaS), managed Backup as a Service (BaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

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Pure Storage Testing – Part One

My previous post on the Plug-in for Pure Storage has definitely been the most read and shared across the globe.  As mentioned in that post I wanted to install the Plug-in within an environment that had a Pure Storage array and thanks to one of the local resellers I managed to spend some time doing just that earlier in the week.  This post will cover adding in a single array (labspa02), with Part Two to cover configuring a job.

Cisco UCS and Pure Storage
Pure Storage FlashStack

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