Adelaide Hills Weekend

I was lucky enough to be able to spend last weekend in the Adelaide Hills with my family and friends.  The Adelaide Hills are around 30 minutes drive from the CBD, and have wineries, breweries, and great spots for food.

As this was a family outing, and the first trip on a plane for Snuffleufugus, there was a bit of planning required.  This was mainly around how to make our lives, and those of other people on the plane a bit easier with a baby on board. Continue reading “Adelaide Hills Weekend”

Pure Storage Plug-in for Veeam

Veeam announced today that the storage plug-in for Pure Storage arrays has been made Generally Available (GA).  I’ve been waiting for this for a while and am absolutely delighted that it has gone GA, and that it is the second of the storage plug-ins to make it to market.  I decided that similar to the Infinidat article that I published a few weeks ago, it would be worth showing how to deploy this plug-in.

Step One is to download the software.  In my case I’ve decided to go through in order to accomplish this. Continue reading “Pure Storage Plug-in for Veeam”

Veeam Data Lab – Part One

I was at a VMware User Group in Perth recently and started discussing the Veeam Data Lab with two consultants, and how much of a hidden secret it is.  For those of you who don’t know the Data Lab (previously Virtual Lab) provides an isolated sandbox for testing of Virtual Machines in an isolated network environment.  The Virtual Machines in question could be a single VM, or an application group, and can have dependancies on other VMs as well.  The discussion that I had around how useful this could be highlighted a use case that I thought I should share.

Continue reading “Veeam Data Lab – Part One”

Veeam Enterprise Manager – Part 1

As part of a discussion with a potential client I went through some of the benefits of using Veeam Enterprise Manager across their environment.  After that discussion I thought it would be interesting to get some background on where EM can be used and why, and then go through the initial installation process.  For Part 2 I’ll run through the configuration and administration sections.

The clients environment consists of a couple of main sites running corporate applications, and 30+ remote sites running some SCADA systems, and each site needs to be run independently from all of the others, but with a central point of management.  How can this be achieved? Enter Veeam Enterprise Manager. Continue reading “Veeam Enterprise Manager – Part 1”

Deduplication Appliances and Veeam

During meetings with partners, clients, and potential customers I’ve had lot’s of discussions on the pro’s and con’s of long term storage of backups, and on the device and media that these have been stored on. Deduplication Appliances and Tape are at the top of the list.

A quick snapshot would be “Can you tell me why Vendor X is better than Vendor Y with Veeam”, and “Why should I go for tape over purpose built deduplication appliances”. Continue reading “Deduplication Appliances and Veeam”