IT Home Lab – Back to Physical

I live in Perth WA (Western Australia), and work in IT.  Perth is a beautiful place and as per the posts about my trip to the far North West of the state, it is pretty vast area, and largely untouched.  This is one of the reasons I love living here, however it brings me to the tyranny of distance.  My work lab is in Sydney, and due to the sometimes flaky internet connection I have at home, this can cause me problems in access and working in the lab.  So I’ve decided to build my home lab from the odd bits and pieces that I have picked up over the years.  The point of the lab is to run an environment that will allow me to deploy new software and see how it goes.  The first step though is to build it from scratch.

Back to Physical

The physical components of the lab are essentially old bits of kit that I’ve had lying around for years, cobbled together on a shoestring budget.

Every IT environment is made up the same core components, Storage, Compute, and Network, with additional components such as the rack it is all in, UPS, physical security and so on.  As this is a home lab I’ll be focussing on the core components, and will outline the future growth plans in a later article. Continue reading “IT Home Lab – Back to Physical”